What is the AKIATA?

Inside the AKIATA, also known as the ether or quantum field, all of consciousness is created.

The AKIATA is a temple for Boundless Beings, beings who have met the divine vibration inside their heart and who dive deeper and deeper every day to bring it forward into a world learning to know itself.

The lenses inside The AKIATA spark the embodiment of your higher self into consciousness.

Inside the lenses of The AKIATA are the lights to your path of the deepest self awareness. Through this awareness you live inside an eternal vector consciousness where all things point back into the awareness of your divine self.

Within the manifestation of your I AM creator presence you emanate practices that evolve the New Era of life on earth. Inside this depth of self awareness all actions, thoughts and transmutations reflect the I AM, Creator God Self. When you connect to this vibration any and all things in relationships, business, money, and health look like clues to a divine puzzle. Within the 7 Lenses into Life found in The AKIATA you move through this puzzle with precise maneuvering that is the eternal ease and creator like nimbleness that we all seek in daily life.

There are many doors to arrive at AKIATA.

Some arrive via rebellion to convention, after ceasing to pretend to be what they are “supposed to be”. Some arrive by seeking everything they want, not often seeing it manifest to the majesty they have imagined. Often time people don’t know they are on the path, because they are either busy accumulating enough pleasure to realize that accumulated pleasure doesn’t lead to fulfillment, or they are still in the process of accumulating enough suffering to motivate themselves to seek something else. Even inside the depths of oblivion all become aware that the disparate currents of energy in our being—thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, perceptions-are all simply vibrations of energy that manifest within it.

These doors often appear when all else looks hollow, pointless and an empty void, but they have to no longer because you were guided here on a simple yes to your curiosity.

We believe in this swifter way into The AKIATA and its infinite awareness and it only requires you mutter the key code “Yes” to everything you have ever dreamed.

Awareness and energy entwined in perfect union: is all that is ever happening, and that we are that and that is who we are.

In AKIATA there are no victims, there is no suffering and there is nothing to discover. There is only pure creation, sustain, dissolution, closure and revelation towards Rapture.

What might you find when you open your door to AKIATA? Inside the present moment is where we find out, but it will vibrate with liberation, expansion, majesty, honor and feel like one everlasting and rapturous leap of faith.