You are on the Path to be a DIVINE CREATOR

Being a Divine Creator is the path of the Timeless, Boundless and Ecstatic Beings.

You are the initiator of new and genius creations and you know the next level is only up.

In this deep dive Guided Insight of Embodiment of Creation you are embarking into onboarding daily tools for self discovery, regular and ecstatic moments of genius and attunement to all parts of your life upholding your vision.

When you choose to step forward and step into your true nature, you are choosing a gift to yourself that will equip you to have the life as a creator exactly as you dream it. Come what may.

In THE AKIATA we believe that the Divine Creators are the most important beings to honor and uplift because they will inspire the change. They are those who dream completely from source, free from limitation, and old paradigms. What does it take to be a Divine Creator? It takes a deep and powerful reflection of your majestry. It takes regular attunement to the next cut and it takes a team to keep you able to hold frequencies of pure creation. We are here to hold that space for you and allow you to unfurl all that is held within your Rapturous Heart.

We welcome you to The AKIATA to step into being the Creator of your Universe.

I will be a Creator is a Divine Path into Self. You will dive into the ocean of your presence, passion and purpose. Here you will:

  • • ESTABLISH the artistry of your unique soul vibration and the legacy it is here to live.

    • EXPRESS your passion and all the tools that it takes to make it happen. Which is exactly what we are here to do.

    • MIRROR the knowing of your divine and highest self.

    • MAGNIFY what you believe as possible.