Travel into the History and Mystery of your Inner World to unfurl your deepest gifts, witness the activations of your tribe and co-create as a pillar… as above, so below. Learn to work in the Quantum Field, or Akasha, and attune to ancient energies, activating your oldest and greatest gifts.

3 years ago when Alana Aviel was last in Egypt, a prophecy heralded that 11 women and 7 men would travel to Egypt on pilgrimage of deep remembering. She brings her previous activations and premonitions to realization with you on this life-changing activation and re-animation of your ancient gifts. Alana Aviel, guide and traveler in the Akasha, will bring you to rare and powerful temples to perform ancient practices with an intradimensional awareness designed to deepen your practices and ground your divine potential into this life.

A unique blend of travel and retreat we celebrate life with spontaneous stops for making magic, sharing love and being in divine play together, we will keep a veil of invisibility that allows us to follow intuition and activate spaces in the way that they were intended through our ceremony and prayers.

We will be guided by Angelic Emissary and kemetologist Ashraf Amin with his Jedi-like ability to afford us access to places that are rarely visited

You are invited to join us on this riveting journey into remembering, rapture and a renaissance of ancient activations and discoveries. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you have additional questions or submit your deposit to secure your spot. We are able to take multiple month payment plans so please email us for more info.

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