You are on the Path to be Free from Fear.

Fearlessness is more than possible for ANYONE. It starts with the simple choice to BE fearless.

When you initiate that DIRECT command you ignite a profound shift that in itself changes your vibration.

In this deep dive Guided Insight of Embodiment into your Fearlessness you will learn more about yourself, your true nature, your natural way to live in a sustained and lasting joy then you can now fathom.

When you choose to step forward and step into your true nature, you are choosing a gift to yourself that will equip you to have the life you dream. Come what may.

In THE AKIATA we have seen that it is simple and powerful tools towards self awareness that build a lasting foundation to create change in your life. And it should be that simple. We will guide you into self inquiry, personal reprograming and your personal methods of insight that can provide divine insight into any and all circumstances that you experience. From here you will be living as the Divine Director of your life and you will be attuned to a natural state of living outside of fear. We will bring that deep inner knowing into being your new default that the creator of fear, the MIND, will have no power to take hold of you ever again.

We welcome you to The AKIATA to step into being the Creator of your Universe.

I will be Fearless brings you into awareness of your inner nature to be:

  • Free from Fear

  • Experience Peace in place of Anxiety

  • In Living Harmony

  • In Grace in place of Suffering

  • Ever Expanding

  • Living Beyond Limitation

  • In Lasting Acceptance of Yourself

  • Attuned to everlasting peace

  • Expanded beyond what you can now comprehend