In The KEYSTONE OF BEING, you will be taken on a journey of self witnessing in the pursuit of being your own divine creator. It begins with awareness of any and all influence that you are subconsciously guided by in your day-to-day life. What is Influence? Influence is an idea, action, or concept that limits you from meeting your world organically through your own eyes.
Our process guides you to till the soil of your senses, your methods of communication, and the ways of how you meet the world and how the world meets you. It is only when you have laid the influence on the table can you see how to start a new free from limitation.
This is where the magic begins.
From an empty canvas, we create a space to witness you enter into the embodiment of being the one and true artist of your own universe.
As a new being with childlike wonder, you meet the world with a renewed innocence and sense of possibility. You then can reflect on your past with freedom from its possession and influence and receive the gifts of your experiences, not burdens.

To initiate onto this path, you are giving yourself permission to occupy this life as a divine consciousness, a being that is here to craft the future of humanity, not just simply a bumper car through its illusory obstacles.

You will then possess AUTONOMY of YOUR Presence, of YOUR Boundaries, of YOUR Persona, of YOUR Communication, of YOUR Limitlessness, of YOUR Imagination, of YOUR Experiences, of YOUR Beliefs, of your Senses and of YOUR Thoughts.

What could one fathom that is more precious and worth pursuing than that??

Ready to Break your Chains??

Unlock the KEYSTONE of BEING and be in your life purpose, to KNOW THYSELF.

Ready for the First day of the rest of YOUR life??