You are on the Path to being an Embodied LEADER

Becoming the full Embodiment of your path to LEAD takes Awareness.

When you choose to step forward on your Path to LEAD you are calling on interdimensional affirmation of your power.

In this deep dive Guided Insight of Embodiment into LEADERSHIP you will learn more about yourself, your true nature, your natural way to live in a sustained and lasting awareness of your GIFT to LEAD

We all UNLOCK each other and we find that in the resonance of other powerful new era revolutionaries, you will magnify the voice you are here to use.

In THE AKIATA we have seen that it is simple and powerful tools towards self awareness that build a lasting foundation to create change in your life. And it should be that simple. We will guide you into self inquiry to lead, personal style of teaching and your methods of teaching that direct you towards those who you are to lead.¬† From here you will be living as the Divine Director of your life’s work and you will be attuned to your natural state being an EMBODIED LEADER We will bring that deep inner knowing into being your new default so you can EMANATE forward for all time.

We welcome you to The AKIATA to step into being the LEADER of your Universe.

I will be a Leader is a deep attunement to your natural abilities, gifts, and innate magic. You will have binding awareness and use of:

  • Direct Power

  • Personal Magic

  • Harmony in Frequency

  • Style of Teaching and Service

  • Awareness of who you Serve

  • Access to your Team¬†