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All 5 modules (20 Classes, Plus 7 Exclusive Bonus Classes equaling over 40 Hours of Instruction and Q&A Workshopping) 

Access to our incredible supportive DISCORD Community

One month free in our MIRROR DIMENSION Monthly Membership

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Summary of Experiences:

  • Transcending Matrix Mind, Subconscious Awareness, Soul Gifts, Using Clairs, Senses, Intuition
  • Amplifying Manifestation towards Real Time creation
  • Learn your personal genius, subconscious mind, soul remembrance, embodiment, identification, expression of self, personal truth.
  • Staying true to yourself in conflict, the small you verses the infinite you. Rooting out Limitations
  • Life is a Game, Learn how to be the Player and the Creator, Learn how to decode the challenges, and empower your mission.
  • Intrapersonal relating, relationships, independence, co-dependence

Motivations to Expand your Mastery:

  • Ending to Victimhood
  • Personal Empowerment in all Challenges
  • Ability to Design your Reality from your Unique POV
  • Activation of your Gifts without Struggle
  • Uninstall Matrix Programs and Experience Freedom from Fear
  • So much More....


You have taken the first step to unlocking your divine gifts. Why stop there? I take pride that each of the classes shared in AKIATA holds their own vibration as well as a compliment to the whole.

When you choose to empower yourself with deep awareness and insight, you will start to notice the power and meaning of every nuance in your reality.
Imagine stepping into the fullness of your divine mind, where limitations dissolve and your true potential shines with unparalleled brilliance. Through our comprehensive body of classes, you will unlock the ancient wisdom that reconnects you with the Quantum Field, enabling you to live a life of limitless potential and boundless creativity. No longer will you feel trapped by societal norms or limited by fear.

Instead, you will embody the multidimensional creator within you, radiating hope, light, and potential in all that you do.

Become keenly aware that life is not just a series of events; it is a dynamic game filled with puzzles waiting to be solved. To complement your use of the divine mind, master the game of life and manipulating the matrix to empower yourself to navigate this game with grace and purpose. You will redefine your existence, transcending mundane challenges and embracing the vitality and joy of life as a game. Your every move will be infused with intention and alignment with your deepest desires.

Prepare to witness the profound shifts that unfold as you embrace the role of both player and architect of your own reality.

In this class library you continue your journey, the divine mirrors of relationships will guide you towards deeper self-understanding and evolution. These classes will unveil the hidden insights within each relationship, empowering you to transmute pain and trauma into growth, wisdom, and compassion. You will cultivate deep connections from a place of sovereignty, manifesting resonant relationships that align with your heart's desires. No longer will you be bound by fear or unconscious biases. Instead, you will navigate relationships with grace, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards your highest self.

Within these sacred teachings lies the power to resolve deep trauma and unlock your abilities as a manifestor to fulfill your deepest desires.

By diving in all the way you will unravel the knots of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and unconscious biases that have held you back. You will emerge as a radiant beacon of authenticity, purpose, and joy, ready to make a profound impact as a leader and speaker in the world.
I invite you to anticipate a life transformed by choosing to partake in this extraordinary advanced body of classes.

The time has come, to embrace your destiny and unleash your true brilliance upon the world. Together, let us walk this sacred path of self-discovery, where every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every moment is infused with purpose. The world awaits your extraordinary presence, and I am honored to be a part of your remarkable journey.

What people are saying:

A Multidimensional Approach to Learning

We believe that a full soul expansion is best served by a broad approach to entice your heart, mind and soul. The AKIATA Universe references Practices from the Following Modalities.

The Quantum Field

The quantum field is also known as the Etheric, and is the energy in which contains all things. Also known as the Akasha, the Quantum Field holds all information in Quantum Entanglement

The Recognition Sutras

A 1,000 Year old Spiritual Masterpiece about Consciousness intended to "be an acid bath to dissolve calicified structures of your identity and conditioned ideas about Reality.

The Kybalion

An Ancient Hermetic Philosophy of Seven Core Principals to apply an eternal nature to a living experience.

The Gene Keys and I Ching

An Ancient Poem and Modern Dictionary to understanding the Human Experience, often referenced and utilized to position oneself in contrast to shadow, gift and siddhi in all things.

Theta State

Meditations included in these classes are designed to entice a theta state with active contemplation to allow your divine flow to experience intradimensional insight.

Personal Alchemy

The Seven Stages of Alchemy are often referenced in these classes as a way to understand the natural progression of all experiences.

The Vendanta Tretise

Sacred Literature of the Vedas: Universal Truths to understand Divinity through the Four Paths of Yoga (Union), Karma (selfless service), Gyana (knowledge of the Self), Bhakti (love and devotion), and Raja (techniques such as meditation).

The Universal Laws

Universal Laws as expressed by creators like Neville Goddard, The Buddha and other Ascended Masters

You will receive:

All 5 modules (27 Classes, over 40 Hours of Instruction and Q&A Workshopping) 

Access to our incredible supportive DISCORD Community

One month free in our MIRROR DIMENSION Monthly Membership

Start your Journey

Though our classes teach advanced level practices, we tailor this experience to be accessible to all. If you are aware of the basic premise that thoughts create reality, or manifestation, you will receive mind blowing practices to deepen your awareness of yourself and your soul.

Classes range from 60-90 minutes and include Q&A. We find that opening up the classes to include real life experiences from our students deepens the ability to heal, learn and apply these concepts to your life.

These are prerecorded videos of classes. If you have questions that you would like answered by Alana you are welcome to reach out via email [email protected], or join our Discord group,  or email us and we will send you an invitation to join us in our LIVE weekly membership, The Mirror Dimension, where you can ask your question LIVE.

We believe in a non dogmatic approach with concepts that have been derived from ancient and modern teachings around the globe. We believe that all of reality is based on a set of universal laws of energy and that all of earths creations are telling this same story. We believe in presenting ideas from a non duality approach that allows each individual to remain empowered, sovereign and able to hear their unique soul story.

We stand strongly behind the value of our work and price our class packs to be accessible to all. Should you still not be satisfied with our presentation we would love to hear from you and are able to honor requests made within 14 days of purchase.