This Series Includes 3 Classes:

  • The Mind for Divine Genius
  • Ego vs. Divine Will 
  • Human Vs Divine Self



Throughout life, we absorb societal norms and behaviors that hinder our ability to live free from fear and its limiting effects. We lose touch with the Divine Mind, or Quantum Field. The quantum field or the Akasha, is a plane above logic, that guides intuition, and brings forward divine genius, akin to spontaneity, living in flow, and designing reality in real time. 

Disconnection from this natural way of living comes from  societal addictions for productivity, and hyper manipulated, planned living. This false structure leads to burnout and a narrow view of life and rarely provides what its believed to deliver, safety and freedom. When you zoom out and look at life from theeagle eye point of view of the divine mind, you find that safety is born from a free state of mind. This attunement allows you to see the path of simplicity, beauty, and intuition as the divine state to navigate paradigms with ease and a nimble heart.

Society and school have conditioned us into a rigid and rectilinear life experience, skewing our understanding of our true nature.The beauty of being is that “All is Mind,” and the true mind is DIVINE.

In this series you will adopt and play from the infinite and divine perspective, and live your legacy while witnessing the full emergence of your true nature. The experience of limitless emerges when fear, logic and reactive living are retired for connected and divinely directed living. Because you are a divine mind having a conscious experience. When you invite your divine mind to participate in your life, you begin to see an ocean of pure potential. That pure potential is looking at you to dream as the dreamer into the fields of pure potential. When you step forward from the mindset of the dreamer connected to your infinite and divine mind, anything that is limiting you from accessing that pure potential will come forward for you to release.

It is the destiny of all individuals on earth at this time to collaborate and return ourselves to a deep remembering of our true nature. It is our true nature to live a life experience without limitation, to participate as the creator and the player in the game of life. It is human nature that provides difficulty in navigating the paradigms that exist around us, but when we release ourselves from identifying with the limitations of human nature, we return to the divine nature of the divine mind. The divine mind is infinite, limitless, and has access to all information and timelines at all times.

When we choose to activate ourselves in the divine mind, we become a walking reminder of ease, love, and freedom. We magnetize individuals who align with this awareness, and we see the world through our own design rather than bending ourselves into a world designed against us.

I invite you to join me on this journey to reunite with the fullness of your divine mind and experience a shift in your life that returns you to the field of pure potential. Together, we will release ourselves from limitations of perceived “human nature” and its paradigms and walk ourselves into the face of the divine. By doing so, we will become the multidimensional creators we are meant to be, living free from fear and living a life of limitless potential, beauty, and ease.

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