You will Learn:

  • How to Manifest your dream life

  • A deep relationship with your higher self

  • The meaning and guidance of life’s challenges

  • How to be in Everlasting trust of your life experience

  • The ability to trust dreams as becoming a reality

  • An expanded state of personal power

  • Activating your Gifts as a Creator

  • And so much more.

    • Amplify your beliefs, dreams, practices, and rituals to create a life of flow, abundance, and fulfillment.

You will leave behind.....

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Worry from the past or “Need to Do’s” for the future

  • The need to “Fix” 

  • Subconscious Beliefs that block your dream reality

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Overthinking, cyclical patterns of uncertainty

  • Lack of focus and stress

  • A desire for Social isolation from fear of judgment or rejection.

  • Anxiety, limitation, stress, and confusion which can lead to physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, and difficulty sleeping.


Manifestation is an art form, and your life is the canvas awaiting your dreams and aspirations to be painted upon it. Yet, it goes beyond simply making wish lists and waiting for the universe to grant your every request. Enter the realm of the mirror of reality, a conversation with the world around you that reveals the clues to the obstacles hindering your progress.
Develop the skill of reading reality and discerning the reflections of distortions in your life. Treat these reflections as valuable insights, mining them like precious gold to clear away any barriers between you and the fulfillment of your desires. As you learn to interpret these cues, your perception of reality undergoes a profound transformation. You gain the ability to see the distortions not only in your own life but also in the lives of others, empowering you to choose a different path—one free from struggle, lack, and confusion.
Explore the profound connection between your intuition and the manifestation of your desires, to consciously direct your creation and bring your dreams into tangible existence.

This is for you if you are someone who:

  • Wants to amplify your abilities in manifestation and create a life that aligns with your highest potential

  • Want to become more intuitive and learn how to read the synchronicities, signs and cues from reality 

  • Want to become a more empowered participant in your life adventure

  • Want to gain clarity on your true desires and purpose in life

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself as the creator of your reality

  • Want to leave a life of obstacles and challenges and live in triumphs and realizations

  • Wants to experience less anxiety, limitation, stress, and confusion and difficulty making decisions 

  • Depart from a sense of uncertainty and fear of making the wrong choices

  • Want to have deepened confidence and clarity in the direction of your life.

Learn to Read the Mirror of Reality in 3 Powerful Classes

  • Read your Reality

  • Looking for the Infamous Blindspot

  • Truth and Union

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How does it work?

Discover the transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment that awaits you. Take the first step towards seizing control of your life by shifting your perspective and embracing the role of the observer and the dreamer within you. Experience the incredible phenomenon of life bending to align with your heart's desires, liberated from the dominance of the mind. Let go of fear-driven thinking that has been deeply ingrained by societal conditioning, and reconnect with the abundant reservoir of love and trust that resides within your divine essence.
Embrace the multitude of possibilities that surround you, unveiling the true power and beauty that emanate from your unique expression of the divine. Recognize the infinite nature and boundless potential that you possess as you navigate through the realm of your own reality. Your experiences act as mirrors, reflecting the beliefs stored within your subconscious mind and revealing any distortions that may hinder your perception of your own potential. Pay careful attention to these valuable clues, urging you to tap into the vast reservoir of creative capabilities that lie within you, waiting to be unleashed.
Place your trust in the profound fulfillment that arises from consciously co-creating with the universe. Embrace the enchanting journey that leads to the unlocking of your true potential and the creation of a magnificent masterpiece that is your life. Manifestation is an art form that opens the door to extraordinary levels of living, surpassing the limits of imagination. It encompasses more than a mere understanding of consciousness; it involves the intricate process of reading your reality, extracting insightful wisdom, and crafting a life of perpetual improvement in every single moment.
At times, you may find yourself adrift, feeling disempowered and following well-trodden paths defined by logic or past experiences. However, fear not, for the way back to your role as the ultimate creator lies in the simple act of reading your reality. As you attentively listen to the subtle messages it conveys, you will realize that each path presented to you is a gateway to heightened self-awareness within the context of your own life. The purpose of existence is to embark on a journey of self-discovery, actualize your deepest desires, and bring to life the ideal version of yourself that dwells within. By mastering the art of reading reality, you unlock the gateway to the extraordinary manifestation of your wildest dreams. Reality transforms into your trusted ally, paving the way for you to become an even more adept dreamer. Align yourself with the limitless potential that awaits, shedding anything that no longer serves your journey, and embrace a life of purpose and profound meaning.
Join me on an awe-inspiring journey through the Masterclass series, Learn to read the Mirror of Reality. Together, we will merge the power of intuition with the transformative force of manifestation, harness the boundless potential of consciousness, and co-create a life that resonates with your highest potential. Come and immerse yourself in the unparalleled experience of living life to the fullest, as conscious creators of your own remarkable reality.

Our Philosophy

When we allow layers and layers of the false self to fall away, inside lies a divine creator genius, an expressive heart, and a weaver of magic. And it is my soul’s intention to invite others to witness the rapture of their true selves. When we allow our energy to expand past the false behaviors, beliefs, and habits we unintentionally acquired in our day-to-day lives, we awaken to the truth that all aspects of life are mere reflections. These reflections implore us to discover our soul’s story and truth, highlighting anything that limits our full expression. By clearing any obstacles, amplifying your deepest gifts, and embracing your rawest creativity, you will discover mastery in relationships, business, health, prosperity, and emotional well-being, thus alchemizing your legacy.

When we align our innate curiosity with this mirror, every life experience becomes a source of riches to be mined for our own paradise, our personal heaven on earth. Through years spent in the forest, I have learned the underlying operating system of reality and the role we play in its creation. My intention is to guide you toward the purest spiritual concepts and practices, enabling you to naturally integrate them into your language, behaviors, and beliefs, and live in authentic self-expression.

To live in your truth, free from distortion, is to exist in pure magic. You will witness the Game of Life in its true adventure, filled with play, pleasure, prosperity, and discovery—your evolving soul’s journey. Prepare yourself for the unlocking of mind-blowing shifts, accelerations, and activations, propelling you into a realm of real-time creation.

What people are saying:

A Multidimensional Approach to Learning

We believe that a full soul expansion is best served by a broad approach to entice your heart, mind and soul. The AKIATA Universe references Practices from the Following Modalities.

The Quantum Field

The quantum field is also known as the Etheric, and is the energy in which contains all things. Also known as the Akasha, the Quantum Field holds all information in Quantum Entanglement

The Recognition Sutras

A 1,000 Year old Spiritual Masterpiece about Consciousness intended to "be an acid bath to dissolve calicified structures of your identity and conditioned ideas about Reality.

The Kybalion

An Ancient Hermetic Philosophy of Seven Core Principals to apply an eternal nature to a living experience.

The Gene Keys and I Ching

An Ancient Poem and Modern Dictionary to understanding the Human Experience, often referenced and utilized to position oneself in contrast to shadow, gift and siddhi in all things.

Theta State

Meditations included in these classes are designed to entice a theta state with active contemplation to allow your divine flow to experience intradimensional insight.

Personal Alchemy

The Seven Stages of Alchemy are often referenced in these classes as a way to understand the natural progression of all experiences.

The Vendanta Tretise

Sacred Literature of the Vedas: Universal Truths to understand Divinity through the Four Paths of Yoga (Union), Karma (selfless service), Gyana (knowledge of the Self), Bhakti (love and devotion), and Raja (techniques such as meditation).

The Universal Laws

Universal Laws as expressed by creators like Neville Goddard, The Buddha and other Ascended Masters

Experience The Clarity of your Life 3 Powerful Classes

  • Read your Reality

  • Looking for the Infamous Blindspot

  • Truth and Union

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Expand your Awareness with Additional Class Series

Extend your expansion with complimentary class series. Each uniquely curated to elevate your gifts and divine expression.

Working with Alana Aviel

Alana Aviel is a renowned channel, guide, and strategist who developed and teaches profound practices for creative genius, life mastery, and autonomy. Her primary objective as an Objective Observer in the Quantum Field is to shine a light within the individual to become an absolute embodiment of their true self as the divine and to become witness to their own mastery and continued evolution. Alana is also an Intra-Dimensional Emissary, utilizing many lifetimes of learning to inform and recode earth paradigms and outdated programs that have lost their purpose for spiritual evolution. She is committed to the total obliteration of old paradigm patterns and limitations to being. She has developed a deep and clear channel to the higher self of the individual. Her clients have described her methods as wildly empowering and rapidly transformational, magnifying their experience into the life they dream of.

Prior to her guided interventions from the divine, Alana Aviel had been on an in-depth tour of the earth paradigm, dancing across many disciplines, earning a Doctorate of Architecture, working near-impossible gigs in Film and Advertising, often making game-shifting observations from behind the desk of countless CEOs, and had even left her mark as an emerging artist in New York and global festivals. Former clients include Apple, Art Directors Guild, Anomaly, Converse, Motorola, and many more.

As a Visionary Strategist for Intradimensional Leaders, Alana can now be found teaching mind-blowing, soul-activating classes in The MIRROR DIMENSION. In addition, Alana works One-on-One with spirit-driven Intradimensional Leaders to create their Legacy level impact. She also leads twice-yearly retreats to Egypt where those who feel called can embark on a journey of ancient soul-remembering, activation, and meditations at powerful sites and temples.

Though our classes teach advanced level practices, we tailor this experience to be accessible to all. If you are aware of the basic premise that thoughts create reality, or manifestation, you will receive mind blowing practices to deepen your awareness of yourself and your soul.

Classes range from 60-90 minutes and include Q&A. We find that opening up the classes to include real life experiences from our students deepens the ability to heal, learn and apply these concepts to your life.

These are prerecorded videos of classes. If you have questions that you would like answered by Alana you are welcome to reach out via email [email protected], or join our Discord group,  or email us and we will send you an invitation to join us in our LIVE weekly membership, The Mirror Dimension, where you can ask your question LIVE.

We believe in a non dogmatic approach with concepts that have been derived from ancient and modern teachings around the globe. We believe that all of reality is based on a set of universal laws of energy and that all of earths creations are telling this same story. We believe in presenting ideas from a non duality approach that allows each individual to remain empowered, sovereign and able to hear their unique soul story.

We stand strongly behind the value of our work and price our class packs to be accessible to all. Should you still not be satisfied with our presentation we would love to hear from you and are able to honor requests made within 14 days of purchase.