“Alana is an embodiment of divine love. Her reflection of this love is the most pure of medicine. You will be able to access the deepest level of truth of existence through her. It is as if all the cosmic love of the universe pours through her heart to the ones in her presence, and these souls are able to awaken to themselves for the gift of who they really are.

The shift she is able to bring to consciousness is one of the deepest levels of healing to be experienced. She truly has golden eyes for our beloved Earthlings to be truly seen.”

-Alicia C

“Like many of us humans, I’ve been feeling anxious, lost and a bit without purpose these past couple of years. After just one session working with Alana, I felt more like myself than I have in years. Right away, she helped me to cut through all of the clutter (fear, confusion, false identities, etc.) that has accumulated in my psyche over the years to help me remember who I am.  She serves it up from her heart in the most REAL way and is truly gifted at reacquainting people with their soul — with their most authentic selves.  I am so excited to work with her again and step even more fully into my divine purpose! Thank you so, so much, Alana!”


-Lisa H.